Cwejman S1
Korg MS-10
Korg MS-20
Korg Polysix
Korg Volca Bass
Korg Monotribe
Korg Monotron
Korg Monotron Delay
Micro Korg
Novation Bass Station 2
Moog the Rouge
Micro Moog
Mini Moog
Roland TB-303 x 2
Roland TB-03
Roland TB-3
Roland SH-1000
Sequential Circuits Pro 1
Yamaha CS-50

Drum machines

Korg Electribe
Korg Volca Beats
Novation Drum Station
Roland CR-78
Roland TR-606 Diabolical Mod
Roland TR-808
Roland TR-08
Roland TR-909
Roland TR-09


A bunch of computers
Assorted eurorack modules
RME Fireface 800 (main audio interface)
RME Babyface
Roland SVC-350 Vocoder
Doepfer Modular Vocoder System
Electro-harmonics V256 Vocoder
Mooger Fooger Analog Delay
Mooger Fooger Cluster Flux
Mooger Fooger Freq Box
Mooger Fooger Ring Modulator
Boss BX-16 Mixer (used for distortion)
Allen & Health ZED22FX Mixer
Arturia Beatstep (used for CV / Gate)
PRO VLA II Tube Compressor
Studio Projects C1 Microphone
Shure SM58 Microphone
Audio Technica AT3035 Microphone
Yeti Pro 2 Microphone
Audeze LCD 2 / 3 / X Headphones
Event Opal Reference Monitors
Yamaha DXS 18 Subwoofer
Assorted pedals / guitar amps


Tama Stewart Copeland LE star classic kit
Hand drums (Djembe, Tabla, etc)
Didgeridoo, Kazoo, Flutes
Harmonica, Melodica, Accordion
Shakers, eggs, tambourines
Bullroarer, Air horn, music boxes
Assorted homemade drums


DAW: Steinberg Cubase 8.5
Audio Realism ABL 2
Applied Acoustics Systems Lounge Lizard
Applied Acoustics Systems Tassman
Applied Acoustics Systems Ultra Analog
Native Instruments Massive
Native Instruments Kontakt
Native Instruments FM8
Native Instruments Absynth
ReFX Vanguard
TAL Bassline
Xfer Serum
Waves RVerb
Waves RComp
UAD Satellite 2 + a lot of plugs

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01 Sinewave Safari

W&P: Liquid Stranger
Lyrics: Liquid Stranger
Vocals: Tessa Paisan

Tessa: Greetings traveler, and welcome to your own, altered reality: Sine wave safari.
Lend us your cerebrum and we will give you a fresh jump start to a new, and enhanced life experience.
New vision upgrade with 50 x optical zoom. Wave goodbye to your past worries and ailments.
Enjoy Quadrupled strength, Vibra-spherical surround sound, Tripled agility and stamina.
Water now taste like strawberries and cream. Don't miss out on this once in a life time opportunity.
Start living at your maximum potential today. Sine wave safari: Get ready for a jolt!

Liquid Stranger: Aaaarrgghh!!!!

02 Prime

W&P: Liquid Stranger

Liquid Stranger: It's starting!!

03 Ignite

W&P: Liquid Stranger
Lyrics: Liquid Stranger
Vocals: Liquid Stranger

Wild fire. Hot wired.
Light Up. Ignite the fire.
Burn brighter. Wipe out.
Light up. Rising higher.
Fire, burn brighter.
Run through the fire.
One with the fire.

04 Brain Boi

W&P: Liquid Stranger

05 Zero Frontier

W&P: Liquid Stranger & Chee

06 Ceremony

W&P: Liquid Stranger & CloZee


W&P: Liquid Stranger
Lyrics: CoJaxx
Vocals: CoJaxx

It's time to man the cannons, run to your leader, tell em I landed.
I'm from another Planet with rhymes that's heavy handed.
Apple wrist banded crossed the Atlantic through my SoundCloud.
Got a swing like Big Papi!! and I know my city's proud.
Bought to get loud. I'm talking bout decibels moving decimals.
Fan of no man, so tell me why would I invest in those.
Wolves in sheep clothing pretending to be dominant.
Got Pangaea dreams now they head bang on every Continents.
Liquid Stranger's Plotting it, CoJaxx Rocking it.
5,4,3,2,1... Get on my rocket ship
My Outer Space race made the Galaxy Note.
Like I'm an Android Bars get deployed here comes your Death star.
3,2,1 Get on my rocket ship. Roll it up slowly.

Plur, couple more Dutch's its all a blur.
Then we'll ride of on the top of my chariot Ben HURR.
Give me the pot to stir or your can call it a Kettle.
I opened up my Dojo watched Liquid turn into metal.
Step on the gas pedal, and then they swayed with the bars.
And if we make enough noise, he said they'll know who we are.
It's time to set the bar. No more jumping over hurdles.
Guaranteed to stay fresh while these new nigga's curdle.

08 Carnage

W&P: Liquid Stranger
Lyrics: Pistol
Vocals: Pistol

Back to carnage
Dope on the table
I bring it back to carnage
Dope on the table
We have to let them know who we are. Yeah? And who are we?
We bring that broke, pathetic dope aesthetic. Back to basics, smack the bass hits.
And have your favorite rappers wrapped in plastic, stacked in basements.
Crack the a-list, tacky famous, jackal act like Larry David.
Married to the game, no fornication - I'm that complacent.
It started with a case of Marky Mark disease, and rap departed.
Now it's tax ids and black eyed peas, let's act retarded.
Every tracks is harmless garbage, all your plaques are tarnished.
I bring it bring to carnage, MAC-11 stashed in trap compartments.

09 Run For Cover

W&P: Liquid Stranger
Lyrics: Mc Shells
Vocals: Mc Shells

Liquid Stranger: Run for cover! Run, Run! Take cover.

Mc Shells: Future man gas mask em' Space man anthem.
Intergalactic smart ass. My star fighter war class.
Death tax, bringing anthrax to tax.
Stranger roll into town, mad max of the wax.
Through Black holes and solar action.
Skirts up I laser blast em', that's what I call class action.
Too many voices, causing poisonous noises.
Suckers, imma destroy them. Cyber maniacs, Step into this brainiacs.
Zaniacs, snatching your breath like Kleptomaniacs.

10 Hydroplane

W&P: Liquid Stranger
Lyrics: Warrior Queen, Hard Knock
Vocals: Warrior Queen, Hard Knock

Liquid stranger, Gidiwee. Hardknock up the Queen.
Enuh, Warrior. No spank a dirt massive kleen.
Enuh, hear dat [put it pon speaker].
Hyping flassing mad n' mean. Enuh, hear dat, yeah, high.
Rollers rolling no submarine. Enuh 'ha ha ha' hardknock.
Wadup! Razor cut, tell irie I'm zip. I'm fame, Warrior, uptown, hol up.

Speedometre bun up so the Queen she a run it.
Serious double up me no joke nor fun it.
No knife n' fork automatic handgun it.
Blazin, blazin, blazin, paper-roll n' bun it.
Bypass sex drive, priesthood n' nun it.
Press gas accelerate like the gold platinum it.
Runner-up to none winner no secondary.
Bypass mobo awards n' outdone the Grammy.
Fast n' furious grand finale no solitary.
Massive n' crew oonu get ina the void.
Yow! Show off you iPhone, show off you Android.
Oonu bounce pon one another like collision collide.
Shaking up that boody shake up you backside.
Hydroplane mode fully enjoy the ride.
Muzical madness submarine capsize.

Hol up! Up n' up we go. Like smoke when it a blow.
Touch the road with couple flow. Me n' the dot n' puppy show.
Me n' the queen a lock the place. Who no hear dem ago know.
Pocket stock we got the dough. Apple vodka chase the mo.
Lift the flames outa the draw. But the seed it afi grow.
What is mines is fi me what is yours is fi you, hardknock!

Muzical stampede oonu trample the beat.
Serto mix the Queen vibes, vibes melting the heat.
Hot hot liquid running like streak.

11 Jetpacks

W&P: Liquid Stranger
Lyrics: Liquid Stranger
Vocals: Vern Knows

Enemy contact. Click Clack! Got Bushwhacked.
I start up - get charged up. Get ready for evac.
Strapped in my jet pack. Cloaked by the smoke stacks.
Airborne attack, when I hijack that tarmac.
Too late to fall back. Back-slapped with hard facts.
Disarm and distract. You get kidnapped and ransacked.
Dirt nap for these whack cats. Bones cracked on Impact.
Chain wrapped, on the train track. When I extract your nerve tracts.
Jetpacks - sonic boomin' on the impact.

12 Spastic Elastic

W&P: Liquid Stranger & Dion Timmer
Lyrics: Liquid Stranger
Vocals: Liquid Stranger

Drastic tactics. Static. Plastered.
Passage. Ashes. Spastic, elastic.

13 Battleship

W&P: Liquid Stranger
Lyrics: Liquid Stranger
Vocals: Spear

Dive, Dive - Downpour, fall in, man your battle stations.
Click clack. At the gunsmith, upgrade my broomsticks.
Understand - I'm never running out of ammo, I got torpedoes.
At the gunsmith, upgrade my broomsticks.
Contraband. Explosive tips in my clips onboard your battleship.

We're strapped in, attacking, trashing, rattling.
Bright flashing, from my gatling.
Smashing and crashing, your hull is collapsing.
Finger tips reaching for pistol grips.
Flick TNT sticks onto your battleship

It's about to blast off. We put your bass in the deep end.
Yes y'all. We put your bass in the deep end. You try to battle me?
Battleship, don't you trip when we sink your battleship.
Busting ray guns on your battleship. It's like:
Battleship, sound the alarms. Like a rocket it's about to blast off.

14 Swollen Beasts

W&P: Liquid Stranger

15 Go Commando

W&P: Liquid Stranger

16 Wreck

W&P: Liquid Stranger
Lyrics: Liquid Stranger
Vocals: Liquid Stranger

Check it, Wtf, Holy shit, Oh my god.
I control the decks. Mic check step up or get vex.
I break your tech. When I control the decks you get wrecked.
I control the decks. I break your tech with hypersonic effects.
I control the decks. Vibration shake the complex.

17 Burn Like Sun

W&P: Liquid Stranger
Lyrics: Leah Culver
Vocals: Leah Culver

I'm the lightning bolt that hit the ground.
I'm the thunder rumbling sound.
Like a star that shoots like a gun.
Let's burn, let's burn like the sun.

I'm the lightning bolt that hit the ground.
Living in the fire that we found.
I believe that you are the one.
Let's burn, let's burn like the sun.

18 The Pod

W&P: Liquid Stranger

Walking, talking.
Laughing, got em.
Rocking, smacking.
Smoking, lacking.

19 Kevlar

W&P: Liquid Stranger
Lyrics: Liquid Stranger, TMFSE
Vocals: Liquid Stranger, TMFSE

Liquid Stranger: EDM super stars.
We are the hardest artists.
Your army can't harm me.
I party in bullet proof armor.

TMFSE: DJs rocking Kevlar. Squared up and shot the snare drum.

20 RedLine

W&P: Liquid Stranger
Lyrics: Liquid Stranger, Spear
Vocals: Liquid Stranger, Spear

Gee! That was great honey!

Spear: Red-Line! Peaking meters to the top.

Liquid Stranger: Red Line: Turn it Down. Past the borderline.

Spear: Red Line!

Liquid Stranger: Pushing max levels past the borderline.
Red-Line! Lighting up the warning dials.
RedLine: Turn it down. I'm set on fire.

In the sky, wicked!

Liquid Stranger: Max levels up, faders up, turn it up, a million watts.
Faders up, max levels up, stand up, blast off. I double drop,
I make em' jump. Game on, a million watts.

Spear: Red-Line! Peaking meters to the top. Red Line!

Liquid Stranger: Red Line! Pushing max levels past the borderline.

Spear: Turn around! RedLine! Peaking meters.

Liquid Stranger: It's sounding sicker and sicker while blue sparkles come out of my mixer. Sound the alarm!

Liquid Stranger: Hey! What? You're playing Twisted Sister?! You must be tripping. I'm intercepting your transmission. Clipping out, I'm set on fire!

Liquid Stranger: A million watts.

Spear: I turn around.

Liquid Stranger: Make em' jump.

Spear: I'm set on fire.

Liquid Stranger: I double drop.

Spear: I'm clipping out.

Liquid Stranger: Max level up.

Spear: I'm burning up.

Spear: Burning up.

Liquid Stranger: I'm set on fire.

21 Midvinter

W&P: Liquid Stranger
Lyrics: Liquid Stranger
Vocals: Malin Staaf, Liquid Stranger

Morkret faller. Vinternatt.
Nordanvinden blaser kallt.
Ulven han bad' blind och halt.
Gatt ner i alven - frusit fast.

Fran rymden nagon vargen ser.
Ett eldklot borjar dalar ner.
Eldar brinner - isen varms.
Somna inte ulv min van.

Fallen varg star upp igen.
Stralas upp i himmelen.
Stjarnor lyser upp hans vag.
Nar han lamnar denna varld.

English translation:

Darkness falls. Winter night.
The polar wind, cold as ice.
The old wolf, limp and blind.
Went into the river, frozen stuck.

Someone is watching from space.
A fire ball starts descending.
Fires burning, ice melts away.
Don't fall asleep old wolf my friend.

Fallen wolf rises up again.
Beamed up into the open sky.
The stars are lighting up his way.
As he leaves this world behind.

22 Black Hole

W&P: Liquid Stranger
Lyrics: Laura Brehm
Vocals: Laura Brehm

It's like a black hole
Once you get too close
All it takes over
It's more than I can know

All the past lives I've had
Would the karma carry through once again
When will I remember where I was happy
And relive that place again

I fall right in

23 Falling Away

W&P: Liquid Stranger
Lyrics: Bianca
Vocals: Bianca

You are so high. Couldn't even open your eyes.
Falling away. We keep falling away.
The sun is so fine. And for everything it burns you alive.
A clear divide. From your mind.
Falling away. We keep falling away.

24 Jello Stream

W&P: Liquid Stranger

25 Dunno

W&P: Liquid Stranger
Lyrics: Liquid Stranger
Vocals: Liquid Stranger, Spear

Spear: Not sure who I am. I don't know my friend. Got my mind split, Liquid Stranger another hit.
I don't know my name. I just don't really know. I think I should go home. I don't know where I've been.
I don't even know. Don't know who I am, I don't who where I've been.
And we be getting real high, and we be getting real low, and like nobody know -
I don't even know, I just go! Kinda spacey, memories so hazy, visions blurred and wavy, legs feeling shaky.

Liquid Stranger: We Glide, kaleidoscope ride, electrified routes, unknown whereabouts.

Spear: Life is what you make it, got my mind split, guess I went too crazy, now I'm faceless. I'm
feeling weightless, uncoordinated, weird, and wasted, almost fainted. Wakey bakey, not sure what I
tasted, heart's racing, Reality's erasing. I just wave goodbye, watching my mind turn inside out and liquify.

Liquid stranger & Spear: Don't remember my name. Not sure where I've been. I don't know who I am.
Forget what I've seen.

Spear: I don't know!

Liquid Stranger: Spacey, legs shakes, gone zany. Faceless, wasted, faded.

Spear: I think I should go home. I don't even know. I just don't really know. I don't know where
I've been. And we be getting real high, and we be getting real low, and like nobody know. I just - I don't.

Liquid Stranger: Space flights, no brake lights, earthbound, blackout.

Spear: I don't know my name, I don't know where I've been, not sure who I am. Lost my mind for real my friend.
I don't know where I've been?

Liquid Stranger: I don't know how.

Spear: Forgot what I've seen.

Liquid Stranger: Don't have the flow.

Spear: I can't remember my name, not sure where I've been.

Liquid Stranger: My moves lack style, but real men don't cry.

Spear: Went too hard, bent knees, full body melt, head squeezed, got brain freeze, lost my mind this
time, flow lack style, way past my prime. Shouldn't even be rapping right now, mind bent, can't feel
the vibe, trippy and wild, can't think of any more rhymes.

Liquid Stranger: Wave goodbye. Slip, collide, and crash dive. Faceless, wasted, faded. I wrecked my mind.

Spear: Don't have any flow.

Liquid Stranger: I don't know how.

Spear: I can't feel the vibe yo.

Spear and Liquid Stranger: Don't know how. Don't know. Wrecked my mind. Don't know.
Yeah I don't know how. Don't know. Don't listen to me!

Liquid Stranger: Outta sight, so bright, no brake lights, space flights.
Thought I was ready to fly.

Spear: Forgot what I've seen. Know what I mean?

Liquid Stranger: Life is what you make it. I got my mind split,
guess I went too crazy. Now I'm feeling weightless.

Spear: Kinda spacey, memories so hazy. Vision's blurred and wavy, legs feeling shaky.

26 Space Farmer

W&P: Liquid Stranger
Saxophone: SoDown

Inna di sky
Frequency from space

27 Echo

W&P: Liquid Stranger
Lyrics: Liquid Stranger
Vocals: Christian Acamo, Liquid Stranger
Drums: KJ Sawka

Christian: Seeing. Yeah we're speeding. All these feelings have me screaming.
Heavy breathing. Got me kneeling, got me yielding.

Liquid Stranger: Echo, wide and far. Echo, strapped in my car.

Christian: Ready to fly. Picking up speed. Fire nearby. See the smoke in the trees.
I'm waving goodbye. All that's left is the debris.
Be by my side. Won't you be by my side. It's you and I.
We're out of time. Won't you be by my side.

28 Goodbye

W&P: Liquid Stranger
Lyrics: Liquid Stranger
Vocals: Liquid Stranger

Into the sky. We break the wall of sound. Just passing by.
Get burnt while I Ignite the hyperdrive.

29 Solar Winds

W&P: Liquid Stranger
Lyrics: Liquid Stranger
Vocals: Liquid Stranger

Surfing on Solar winds.
Out of space and time we spin.

30 Murder on the Freeway

W&P: Liquid Stranger
Lyrics: Liquid Stranger, CoJaxx
Vocals: Christian Acamo, CoJaxx, Liquid Stranger

Christian: Heat wave. Light rays from the sun make the road shimmer with haze.
That day, when I shot three men dead on the highway.

First one twice point blank range in the chest with a 12 gauge.
As he came at me with a spiked, aluminum baseball bat, acting crazy.
Sent him flying like a rag doll into the divider. Huge hole in his rib cage.
Rack the slide as his entrails splatter on the pavement.

Murder on the freeway.
Gunpowder stains on my fingers.
Sirens in a distance.
Dead Bodies on the interstate.
Murder on the freeway.
Chaos in the HOV lane.
Carnage all around me.
Skull fragments in my shirt lining.

Door to their car flies open.
I let my Gun blaze, and erase the face of the man in the back seat with the AK.
Shredded flesh strip away.
His mistress screaming amidst the red mist as she tries to escape.
But she slips on the blood stains.

Murder on the freeway.
Shouldn't have fucked with me.
Hit the ground lifeless.
Severed body parts shake from death rattles.

CoJaxx: Stuck on the highway trying to make it home. In between exits no reception on the cell phone.
All alone three amigo's on the shoulder. One says 'hold on I see some lights coming over the hill'.
But they don't know about Bill. He's been drinking, smoking meth, and now he's popping some pills.
W/ a license to kill, he don't know how to feel. One hand on the gun the others holding the wheel. 'Hey
you boys need Help?' in a tone not frighting. 'We should probably hurry looks like rain I heard
Lightning you two stay here. You help me grab some tools'.
What they are about to realize is that they've all been fooled. So as they look for the tools he says
'there's more in the back'. Bill steps to the side and all you hear is a crack like. 'What was that?'
The youngest one in the back sliding down the back seat right by the floor mat.

Christian: Murder on the freeway.
Spraying lead into your hiding place.
Face gets shredded by the shrapnel.
Burning wrecks blocking access to the exit.
Christian & Liquid Stranger: Burning wrecks blocking access to the exit.
I just pump out round after round.
Aim high. Red mist in the sky.

CoJaxx: metal on metal when the shot gun folds.

Liquid Stranger: My guns go boom boom boom boom, ratatatatata.

CoJaxx: All you hear is a crack. Grab the AK off the roof rack.

Liquid Stranger: Blood on the highway. Chaos in the HOV lane. Sirens in a distance.
Dead bodies on the interstate. Blood on the freeway. Gun powder stains on my fingers.

CoJaxx: One hand on the gun He covers his ears and he hears the crack. Now Bill grabs the AK off the roof rack. Coming around the
back walking towards both passengers. This day is know as the HOV lane massacre. Front seat passenger
screaming 'God why'. The youngest one jumps out the back that's small fry. Clinching the trigger and
he looks in his eyes. He runs towards the middle, but can't jump the divide. He tries to use his legs
but he has no grip. The gravel under Bill's shoes sounds like he's walking on chips. The boy starts
to slip and then his body gets cold. That metal on metal when the shotgun folds.

Liquid Stranger: Click Clack. Let's go!

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